Table Topics

Table Topics

We have built space for conversation into the very DNA of the conference. The founding principle of the conference is that we have as much to learn from each other as from the featured speakers on stage. 

We are creating space for participants to talk about the topics that matter most in operating our businesses from day to day. Participants to curate the topics they would like to address, and will be built around an "un-conference" format: upon arrival, participants can sign up to lead forums that will run concurrently with the speakers and panels on stage.

We're calling this signature discussion format "Table Topics", and they will provide an opportunity for organic conversation, running alongside the more structured panels and workshops.

Some of the table topics that have been suggested so far include:

  • Managing In-House Rental Inventory
  • Private Clients and Concierge Services
  • Competitive Intelligence: How much should you spend time thinking about what the other guys are up to?
  • Social Media: Is the photo-focus worth it?
  • Building a strong culture with a part-time workforce
  • Bad Clients, How to say no when the red flags go up
  • The art and science of pop ups
  • Managing Daily Delivery Service
  • Balancing FOH and BOH from a manager's perspective
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Consistency in Offsite Operations
  • Tastings: How to use them to distinguish your brand
  • Should You Have an In-House Pastry Program
  • The Health Department
  • Purchasing Equipment and Vehicles
  • Sourcing Ingredients With a Clear Conscience