Why You Should Attend

Should you attend Potluck?

Honestly, who needs another conference?

We've been getting a few questions about what makes Potluck different, and lots of people have been asking whether or not this is worth it for them.

The answer: Hell yes. But ask yourself the following:

Do you love talking about business with friends and colleagues?

Do you think that most of the conferences out there in the events industry are NOT for you? 

Do you like food and wine?

If you said yes to at least two out of three, this event is for you.

We started this crazy little project because we think that the best companies in the events industry benefit from getting together and talking about how to make events more modern, more authentic, and more worthwhile. We have programming for restaurants, venues, caterers, planners, designers and producers. We're going to be talking shop, and knowing event folks like we do, we assume there will be war stories and commiserating aplenty. We want people to join us who truly want to make events special. Whether it's a wedding, or a corporate event, a supper club or a pop-up dinner, we know there are folks out there who want to do better than clip on bow ties and aging banquet halls. If you're one of those companies, please consider coming to join us in February. We're excited to see what you want to bring to the table.