The Conference

Potluck is a new conference exploring the business of social occasions. If you are eager for an opportunity to meet with companies doing fresh, innovative, and authentic work in the events industry, Potluck is the event for you.

You will be hearing from leading experts in the field, and interacting with established peers and colleagues. Everyone who receives an invitation was invited by a current participant. Education, workshops, and collaboration are at the heart of the conference, and the opportunity to spend two days with like-minded professionals makes Potluck a valuable investment for any company looking to stay at the forefront of the industry.  


The Hospitality

As a conference for hospitality professionals, the bar is pretty high. We've put together a roster of LA's best to provide hospitality services such as a coffee shop, grab and go cafe, and all-day rooftop bar. Lunch on both days is included. We know we've got a lot to live up to in this department, and we guarantee our offerings will not disappoint.


The Parties

The decision to attend Potluck is an investment. The return on that investment is partially in the stage and its speakers, yet mostly found in the caliber of our active participants. Potluck will provide plenty of opportunities for you to meet and mingle, often with drinks-in-hand.

Potluck was founded on the belief that like-minded companies benefit from taking a seat at the table to share their knowledge. Participants are invited by referral-only, and reflect some of the most important names in the fields of hospitality and events. We hope you'll join us.