Day One


The Schedule


Day One

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Day one of Potluck features a series of panels and speakers on the main stage, with Table Topics in other rooms throughout the day.




Opens at 9 am


+ coffee and donuts / table topics kick off



Experience economy



Welcome address
The Experience Economy

with a discussion of the experience economy and how modern consumers find value in experiences and events, more than products and services.



Preferred vendors



Paige Appel, and Kelly Harris | Bash, Please

Stefanie Cove | Oren Cove

How do planners, producers, and venues determine what makes someone a "preferred vendor"? What practices make a vendor a reliable go-to, and what behaviors are deal breakers for the prospect of repeat business?





Food as the Main Event

Featuring a mini pop-up of SmorgasburgLA, a weekly pop up creating a massive community around some of the city's emerging culinary talents.



Seeds of tomorrow



The impact of the
farm to table movement

Local food champions from across the country discuss the impact of the farm to table movement over the past decade, and discuss the new focus on urban farming and food justice — this section will be followed by an introduction to our community partner, LA Kitchen.



Master classes



Trademark hospitality

How to create an ethos of hospitality throughout your entire company.

Team work

Building a company culture that represents your company’s vision, values and voice.

Louder than words | Ellen Bennett, Hedley and Bennett

Branding and communication in a media saturated world.



Keynote address



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Vent sessions



(on the roof, drinks in hand): “one thing i wish they knew...”

Potluck participants are chosen, moth-style, to give short talks to vent on one thing they wish everyone else knew about what makes an event a success. These are meant to be informative, candid, raucous, and, most importantly, fun