Stephanie and Lisa Karvellas CEDAR LAKES ESTATE

Company Name

Stephanie and Lisa Karvellas

Co-Founders, Cedar Lakes Estate

New York

TOPICS: Venue Management, Entrepreneurship, Events

Stephanie and Lisa’s earliest memories were on the grounds of Cedar Lakes Estate. Growing up here was any child’s dream-- White Christmases, fresh mountain air and lazy lakeside summer days make up the fabric of their childhood. They fell in love with the peace and tranquility of this special place immediately; even when they left their magical childhood home they would always find their way back.



Stephanie moved down to South Carolina to attend Clemson University where she studied management and more importantly, the elements of a successful party. Always organizing activities for her and her friends, her social planning skills flourished in the small college town. 

After college, she moved to New York City to work for one of Manhattan’s high-end wedding planners. Stephanie’s sharp attention to detail and knack for diffusing any and all issues before they arise inspired her to bring these talents to fruition. She quickly discovered that her lifelong passion for party planning would make for a perfect entrepreneurial career. And what better place to begin this career then at her childhood home, Cedar Lakes Estate?

Lisa would also move South for college. As a Jersey Girl in Nashville, Lisa threw herself into the world of Southern Cooking. She wrote food reviews for various Nashville magazines while fulfilling her own culinary fantasies at iconic chicken shacks, ante-bellum dairy farms and forgotten lunch counters.

After graduating summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University, she would become valedictorian of the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, officially making her love affair with food a lifelong vocation. Her time in Manhattan allowed her to work directly with some of the world’s finest chefs, from French Master Chef Alain Sailhac to television personality Tom Colicchio. Eager to learn from the masters of the Old World, Lisa moved to Italy where she worked in the Tuscan and Sicilian kitchens. While in Italy, Lisa fell in love with the inherent farm-to-table culture of Italian dining, but even half a world away, Cedar Lakes was never far from her thoughts.

The sisters decided to build a business where they could foster their love for food, event planning, and affection for their childhood home. Now as the Estate’s Co-Founders, they work each day to share their combined passions with their visitors.